Clef des Iles, Guesthouse

Have you ever lived in the rhythm of a sublime beach?

A white sandy beach, a turquoise water, islands on the horizon, sunset paintings: this is daily life at Clef des Iles, with its four on-the-beach duplex anchored right in the smooth sand of the sublime Beau-Vallon, in front of Silhouette and North Island. This cozy and intimist self-catering is an ideal home for couples, families or groups of friends who have chosen Seychelles to relax comfortably and to discover the island way of living, feet in the sand. The discrete and well experienced Clef des Iles team takes care of the daily cleaning of the spacious duplexes (120 m2 on-the-beach homes) while paying highest attention to guest’s expectations.

"La valeur d'un trésor réside dans son secret. Nous en possédons la clé."

Suzanne Martel